Heroes of the Revolution

Control the rebel forces in the Cuban Revolution!  Fight a guerrilla war against a more powerful government army, gaining strength until you can wrest control of Cuba from the corrupt Batista regime!  A turn based strategy game available now for iOS.

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Reviews of Heroes of the Revolution:

“This is the most convincing simulation of a guerrilla war I’ve ever played…4/5 stars.” – PocketTactics

“Heroes is quite possibly one of top games in the genre and one of the best current iOS games on the market.” – The Masquerader Gaming Network

“If you’re a fan of Turn Based Strategy games, or enjoy war based board games then give this game a try.” – CalmDownTom


137 BC – Real Time Siege Strategy

Ancient siege warfare! 137 BC is a real time strategy game centered on the assault and defense of ancient fortresses. Lead the Roman army into battle against the Gauls in a challenging ten level campaign.

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Admiral of the Fleet

Admiral of the Fleet is a real time strategy game that blends exciting ship to ship battles with fleet level strategic command. Design and build customized ships, give them a unique blend of combat roles, and assemble your fleets. Conquer or be conquered!