Sentinel Command

Sentinel Command is a sci-fi themed strategy game that blends tactical, turn-based RPG style combat with a real time strategic simulation.

House Daraay has invaded the sovereign domain of House Sedaris.  Their goal is simple: take control of the valuable Neoplatinum-rich asteroid fields to fuel their galactic war.  As heir to House Sedaris, you are tasked with the defense of the Neoplatinum mining operation.

From your base of operations at the Sentinel space station, you will take command of a small but powerful starship fleet.  Protect the mining installations from Daraay raids.  Distribute harvested Neoplatinum to your allies in exchange for powerful new ships and upgrades.  Develop your ship’s bridge officers from novice crews to seasoned veterans. Customize your fleet to suit your tactics. Seek out and destroy the Daraay bases where they are staging their attacks, and drive them from your domain.

Your House’s survival and the fate of the Galaxy hang in the balance!

  • Features a challenging, lengthy campaign with multiple difficulty options to suit your skill level
  • 12 Ship Classes, 26 Unique Weapons, and 6 tiers each of Med Bays, Shield Generators, Armories, and Damage Control Systems gives you tremendous flexibility in fleet customization
  • The game is a simulation, no two games will play out the same way, adding to replayability and value
  • Tactical battles follow the tradition of turn-based JRPGs, with your crew earning experience to unlock 48 different combat abilities
  • Deep combat system has component level damage to ship systems such as weapons, engines, bridge, and deflector, as well as injuries to individual bridge officers
  • Balance sending Neoplatinum to aid the galactic war effort with meeting your own immediate needs of keeping your fleet well-armed and equipped
  • Designed specifically for iPad with touch controls in mind
  • No IAP – you are purchasing the full game

Sentinel Command is on sale for 40% off during PAX week, 8/25-8/31!




Heroes of the Revolution

Control the rebel forces in the Cuban Revolution!  Fight a guerrilla war against a more powerful government army, gaining strength until you can wrest control of Cuba from the corrupt Batista regime!  A turn based strategy game available now for iOS.

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Reviews of Heroes of the Revolution:

“This is the most convincing simulation of a guerrilla war I’ve ever played…4/5 stars.” – PocketTactics

“Heroes is quite possibly one of top games in the genre and one of the best current iOS games on the market.” – The Masquerader Gaming Network

“If you’re a fan of Turn Based Strategy games, or enjoy war based board games then give this game a try.” – CalmDownTom


137 BC – Real Time Siege Strategy

Ancient siege warfare! 137 BC is a real time strategy game centered on the assault and defense of ancient fortresses. Lead the Roman army into battle against the Gauls in a challenging ten level campaign.

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Admiral of the Fleet

Admiral of the Fleet is a real time strategy game that blends exciting ship to ship battles with fleet level strategic command. Design and build customized ships, give them a unique blend of combat roles, and assemble your fleets. Conquer or be conquered!